Between the Atchafalaya Basin and Bayou Teche, there’s a story that has just been waiting to be told. The Real Cajun Deal. What’s that mean? Balls, Pies, Tenders & Fries. Plus you have Toby, Adam, Matt, Michelle, Ray Ray and all their contributions. When you are born and raised on the bayou, Cajun Cooking just comes second nature. With Cajun Works, the bayou comes to Breaux Bridge. From the moment you step inside you know that there is something just a little different about our kitchen…. and that’s a good thing.

From Cajun Favorites like gumbo and ettouffee, to boudin balls and cracklin, you will get a taste of our favorite classic recipes straight from the heart of the swamp. So come join us in Breaux Bridge next to the Walmart.

The Real Cajun Deal, where the music and the food never stop.


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